General Questions

General Questions

Your child's safety is a top priority for the faculty and staff at Hartsville Middle School, we appreciate your partnership in making our school a safe learning environment.

 What grades do Hartsville Middle School serve?
HMS serves students in 6th through 8th grade.

What is the curriculum that my child will study at HMS?
Each grade and subject has a separate state-mandated curriculum that we must follow.
What kind of parental involvement do you have at HMS Middle School?
We have a  PTO. Many parents volunteer to help out, by reading to children, mentoring, helping in the main office or assisting in a classroom. Our PTO has conducted several successful fundraiser's, and uses the proceeds to enhance the learning environment at HMS. Parents also serve on the School Improvement Council as elected representatives to research possible changes and implement needed programs.
Who signs in at Hartsville Middle School?
Parents and visitors must sign-in at the computer in front of the attendance office. You must wear a visitors badge and it must be visible while on campus.  Also after 8:45 a Parent must sign in the student.
Do teachers and visitors who have come to work in the building sign-in?
All people, teachers, construction workers, etc. will wear identification and sign-in at the computer in front of the attendance office before working on-site.
What are your school hours?
8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Students should not be dropped off prior to 7:45 a.m. Students should go immediately to their assigned advisory class.

What happens if my child is tardy?
8:15 a.m. is considered tardy. Your child must come to the attendance office to sign in before they go to class.

How do I get my child out of school for a doctor’s appointment?
Send a note to the child’s teacher so that he/she will be expecting the early dismissal. Come to the attendance office, and sign the child out on the computer. The receptionist will call the child’s classroom and ask for the child to come to the office. You may not sign your child out of school after 2:45pm. To preserve instructional time, we will not call students out of the classroom before you arrive.

What emphasis is placed on safety at HMS?
Safety is a top priority at HMS. Administrators, teachers, and instructional assistants are on duty at the beginning and end of each day. During the day, everyone keeps a constant focus on the children in the cafeteria, hallways, and in the classrooms. Our school resource officer walks the halls and exterior of the building. They and others monitor the security cameras throughout the day. Teachers have telephones in their classrooms so that they can call the office with any concerns or emergencies that may arise.

HMS is a 1 to 1 school.
Every student at Hartsville Middle is issued an Apple iPad.
There is a $20 dollar technology year required each year.

Is there a fee for textbooks?
Textbooks are issued to students at the beginning of each year for no fee.
Most textbooks are located on your iPad.

What happens if my child loses a textbook?
Please notify the teacher. The teacher will then inform you of the price of the textbook. Parents are responsible for paying for lost or damaged textbooks.

How do I arrange a conference with my child’s teacher?
All teachers have voicemail during the school day. You may call the school and ask for the teacher’s voicemail, and then leave a message. You may also write the teacher a note, or send the teacher an e-mail. Get exact e-mail address from the teacher or the HMS website at www://

Can I meet with the principal?
Mr. Doggett is our principal and is willing to meet with parents at a time that is convenient for both parties. Call Joy Gallagher, secretary to the principal, to schedule an appointment.

Does HMS have an after-school child care facility?
There is no after-school child care available at school. However, several local after-school centers do pick-up from our school. Please contact the office for a complete list.