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Mission Statement, Vision, and Belief Statements

Mission Statement: Our mission, in partnership with families and the community is to foster a safe learning environment by empowering ALL students to engage in authentic, rigorous, and relevant experiences.

Vision: Our vision is to develop the HEART of ALL students to become members of a global society.

Belief Statements: At Hartsville Middle School, we believe...
● Studentswillbeatthecenterofallconversationsanddecisions.
● Allstudentswillbenurtured,supported,challenged,andsuccessful. ● Staff will happily do what benefits our students.
● Wemusttakebigriskstogetbigrewards.

Core Values

Honorable-demonstrating high respect for someone
Empathetic-the ability to understand and share the feelings of another Accountable-accepting responsibility for our actions Respectful-recognizing and appreciating the value in others
Team Player-someone who is good at working closely with others

Motto: We Put the HEART in Hartsville