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Principal's Summer Message

Principal's Summer Message

Greetings HMS Families,

First, thank you for an amazing 2023-2024 school year. We truly appreciate your support. It was a memorable year. We shifted the culture and were able to display HEART in every aspect of our school. We are busy preparing for an even better 2024-2025 school year.

As you refresh, find time for Summer Reading and Summer Math as listed on our website. Below are some suggested activities that are both educational and fun.

  1. Summer Fun Word Scramble: To extend the activity, have students write a silly story using every word in the jumble. Students can also continue the wordplay by creating their own word jumble with a different theme for a friend to solve. They might choose a theme around summer destinations like the beach or an amusement park, or look ahead to the fall with a back-to-school theme
  2. Summer Fun Crossword Puzzle: To extend the activity, have them place the words in different categories, such as "Places to Go," "Things to Eat," "Weather Words," and "Things You Might See at the Beach." Then they can brainstorm a list of other summer words to add to each category.
  3. Start a Business: Brainstorm with students a list of businesses that they can start over the summer. Students should consider their skills and interests before starting a business. After all, if they enjoy what they're doing, they'll be more likely to have fun and stick with it. Provide each student with a T-Chart. Have them label the left side "Skills" or "Interests" and the right side "Businesses." A student who is good with animals might start a pet sitting or dog walking business. Name the business, create a logo, and design a flyer complete with pricing. Remind students that they will need permission from parents and caregivers before starting a summer business.
  4. Volunteer in Your Community: Encourage students and their families to give back to their community by volunteering for a cause that's important to them. Here are some ideas:
    1. Send letters and cards to local nursing homes and assisted living centers or participate in a national campaign, such as Love for the Elderly.
    2. Collect canned goods from neighbors and donate them to a local soup kitchen or food pantry. Check the website for a list of acceptable items.
    3. Set a timer for five minutes. Every member of the family has to return with five items (clothes, toys, books) to donate.
    4. Gather family and friends and together pick up litter in a park or at the beach.
  5.  Summer Science Experiments (Grades K–8): Encourage students to try these summer science activities and experiments, no lab required
  6. Plan a Dream Vacation: Ask students: If you could go anywhere in the world, which destination would you choose? Then have them use the internet, guide books, travel brochures, and maps to plan out a week-long itinerary. They can follow these steps:
    • Choose a destination.
    • Calculate costs for airfare and hotel.
    • Research the attractions you will want to explore, along with admission costs and travel to and from. Be sure to check the days and hours of operation.
    • Create an itinerary for each day of the seven-day trip. Include time for travel to attractions and meal breaks.
    • Add up the costs.

Other resources are available on the DCSD Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment website here.

Enjoy your break, have fun, and make lots of memories. We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon!


With all my HEART,


Dr. Katrina James

Principal, Hartsville Middle School