Athletic Eligibility Documents


In order for an athlete to be eligible for participation, he/she must meet the requirements established by the South Carolina High School League (  Below is a summary of the eligibility rules for athletes:

1.  A student must furnish the Athletic Director a certified or original copy of the student’s birth certificate issued by the Heath Department or municipality.  (Immigrant students must furnish a State Department Form 240/250 or an alien registration card).

2.  Students must be age 19 or under for high school. Students must be age 15 and under for middle school. A student who becomes 15 after July 1st is eligible to compete for the remainder of that year.

3.  Students must not participate under an assumed name.

4.  Students must live with their parent(s) or legally appointed guardian(s) and attend the high school/middle school of their attendance area. (See Athletics Director for exceptions).

5.  Transfer students must meet with the Athletic Director before he/she can become eligible to participate.


1.  A student must be taking academic courses, for which no prior experience in the current grade level has been recorded (no grade level repeaters).

2.  To be eligible in interscholastic athletic activities, students in grades 7-8 must achieve an overall passing average in all core subjects.

3.  To be eligible in first semester, a student must have been promoted to their current grade level.

          A.  For athletics that begin in the first semester and continue to second semester, the student must be passing all core subjects preceding tryout and participation.

          B.  Credit earned in summer school approved by the State Department of Education may apply for first semester eligibility. A maximum of 2 courses may have been taken and passed.

4.  To be eligible in second semester, a student must have passed all core coursework during first semester and currently be passing all core coursework preceding tryout and participation.

5.  Students being served in a non-diploma program shall be considered eligible for participation in interscholastic activities if he/she is successfully meeting the requirements of his/her Individual Education Program (IEP). Those being served in a program leading to a state high school diploma must meet all eligibility requirements previously stated for participation in interscholastic activities.