Dora Carnevali

Hello My Name Is...

Dora Carnevali

My husband and I (and our two dogs Cecco and Josie) just moved to Hartsville this summer.  We have three grown children Alana, Corey, and Rebecca (two accountants and a physicist--heredity or environment? ---You decide!--- Here's a picture of them at one of their most favorite places when they were your age).


What brought us here? Teaching of course!  My husband, Dr. Carnevali, is a physics professor at GSSM and I am living the dream--working with middle schoolers! It truly isn't work when you enjoy what you do!!!  

This year begins my 17th of teaching middle school. I received my Bachelor's degree from the 
University of North Alabama and my Master's degree from Morehead State University.  I love teaching and working with young people and have always wanted to be a teacher.  

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