Traci Rogers

Hello My Name Is...


Ms. Traci Rogers


     Hello, my name is Traci Rogers.  During my teaching career, I have taught 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th, and 6th grades.  I earned my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Francis Marion and I also received my Masters degree in education there as well.  I currently have 30+ hours over my masters degree and am going to begin working on attaining National Board Certification or my Doctorate degree.  I have beautiful daughter, Makki, who is in the IB program at Hartsville High School.

     I have been a part of the staff at HMS since we moved into the new building where 6th graders were integrated into the middle school setting.  I teach 6th Social Studies where we study ancient civilizations of the world.  Students learn how the first humans moved into North America and how other cultures have influenced the way that certain things are done in today's world. Put on your seat belts because we have lots of exploring to do!!!! :)