At Hartsville Middle School we believe:

A successful learning process involves family, community, and schools working together.

All individuals have unique abilities, interests, talents, and skills through which they can 

All individuals have worth and can contribute to society.

Learning is a lifelong process.

  We value: Integrity, Pride, Respect, Accountability and Commitment

Mr. Brian Hickman HMS Principal 

hickman in office

Hartsville Middle School

SC Ready Parent and Guardian Information

Need testing monitors,
2 – 2.5 hours for the following dates:
Friday, 4/28; Tues., 5/9; Tues., 5/11; and Mon., 5/15? Please call at 843-857-3023.

HMS Testing Dates


Monday, April 24

Tuesday, April 25

Wednesday, April 26 – 6th grade ELA Day 1 (TDA)

Thursday, April 27 – 7th grade ELA Day 1

Friday, April 28 – 8th grade ELA Day 1


Monday, May 1 – 6th grade ELA Day 2

Tuesday, May 2 – 7th grade ELA Day 2

Wednesday, May 3 – 8th grade ELA Day 2

Thursday, May 4 – 6th grade Math

Friday, May 5 – 7th grade Math


Monday, May 8 – 8th grade Math

Tuesday, May 9 – 6th grade Science

Wednesday, May 10 – 7th grade Science

Thursday, May 11 – 8th grade Science

Friday, May 12 – 6th grade Social Studies


Monday, May 15 – 7th grade Social Studies

Tuesday, May 16 – 8th grade Social Studies

Wednesday, May 17 – OTT & Tutorial (all day) for Broach & McPherson

Thursday, May 18 – English I TDA (Field Test)

Friday, May 19 – English I EOC


Monday, May 22 – Algebra I EOC

Tuesday, May 23 – Make-Ups (SC Ready/SCPASS/EOC)

Wednesday, May 24 – Make-Ups (SC Ready/SCPASS/EOC)

Thursday, May 25 – Make-Ups (SC Ready/SCPASS/EOC)

Friday, May 26 – Make-Ups (SC Ready/SCPASS/EOC)

We will be offering physicals for all returning athletes and marching band members on the following dates.  We are setting up a school connects call to remind the parents.  However, we cannot reach the Mayo students with this call.  


Girls – Monday April 24 

Boys – Wednesday April 26


  • 4:00 – 6:00 HHS Arena
  • A parent must be present to complete the medical history
  • The athlete will put the grade for the 2017-18 school year
  • $10 cash for each physical
  • Bring MacBooks to complete the concussion form and health form online 

These are the only dates that we will offer the physicals.  I encourage all returning athletes and marching band members to get their physicals on these dates.  It certainly makes our job a lot easier when they already have their physicals completed before the upcoming seasons.  



A physical is required for ALL athletic workouts, summer included.  The 2016-17 physical will cover them until July 21, 2017.  


After that date, only physicals dated April 1, 2017 or later will be accepted.


**Attached are the physical, concussion and health information forms.  However, the concussion and health information can be completed online.

                          DCSD Concussion Information.pdf

                                                   DCSD Health Form.pdf
                          DCSD Athletic Physical Participation Form.doc


Please congratulate Chloe Moore
on winning the Keep Darlington County Beautiful T shirt Design Contest.  
Chloe's design will be featured on the back of the shirts during the Great American Clean Up campaign.  

Contact Officer Kelly to buy your pair of

$10 a pair, two styles to choose from
Hurry While They Last and

Support HMS Girls Softball



2017 yb

Jasmyne Wright 8th Grader
Designed HMS 2016/2017 Yearbook Cover

The Darlington County School District will administer t
he Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Cognitive Abilities Test to all second grade students this year and any other grade-level students that have been referred for testing. 

Fore more information

gssm-engage-application FD.pdf

gssm-engage-flier FD.pdf


Sixth grade students and parents the Fox Buck Store , will be open, April 28, and May 19. Students are currently earning fox bucks from their teachers for great grades and excellent behavior!!!! We NEED DONATIONS for our store such as small bags of chips, Capri suns, candy bars, candy, cupcakes, Little Debbie cakes, colored pencils, crayons, mechanical pencils, etc. Our store completely depends on donations from our parents in order to have it monthly. We also need moms, dads, and grandparents to help us at the store. Please contact if you are interested in helping.
Thank you!!!